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Frequently asked questions

how do wow masks protect me?

There are many masks on the market that do not conform and are not even made to any regulatory standards.

Our Barrier masks are all made to conform to AFNOR S76-001 level of filtering to complement protective measures and social distancing rules. The barrier in no way exonerates the user from the routine application of protective measures, which are essential, or from the distancing rules.

We can supply two types of mask either a complete mask with integral barrier filter that is reusable being washable without taking apart, or a mask “body” that contains a reusable, washable and replaceable barrier filter.

The Barrier filters and the complete Barrier masks are recommended for four hours of use before washing. This is in accordance with current regulatory advice AFNOR S76 -001. After four hours it is advised that the filter or mask should be changed and the used one washed.

Masks bodies that hold barrier filters should be disinfected with an antimicrobial spray (i.e. Dettol) inside and out before loading with a clean laundered barrier filter. Cautions should be exercised when handling used masks and always wash hands thoroughly after handling. Avoid touching the mask in the same way one should avoid touching one’s face, eyes, mouth and nose. See our guide to wearing & caring for your mask.

What shipping options are available?

We offer free shipping for all UK mainland orders. For all shipping and delivery questions, including costs, head over to our delivery and shipping page here.

Are they washable?

All of our masks include a filter that conforms to AFNOR S76-001 regulations and these are machine and hand washable at 40° using laundry detergent.

Our sports masks which have an integrated filter are washed as per the above care instructions, our leather and synthetic suede masks with removable filters are cleaned separately.

The synthetic suede masks can also be washed at 40° using laundry detergent, however the leather masks must be cleaned by hand using an antimicrobial substance such as Dettol inside and out thoroughly and allowed to dry.

Each product comes with care and washing instructions, and the relevant instructions are shown with each product on the website. See our guide to wearing & caring for your mask.

Can i return the mask or cancel my order?

The short answer is yes, we do accept returns and you can cancel your order within 14 days, however, for all our returns information and terms, please see our returns page here.