Opening your mask!

Testing Your Mask For Fit - When It Arrives LEAVE THE PLASTIC ON.

Your mask is packed in a thin plastic bag for its protection, it is soft and flexible enough that you can ascertain if the mask fits you without removing it from this bag.

When happy with the fit, you should open the plastic wrapping and start to really get a better feel of the handmade mask.


Fitting & Wearing.

The Filter

If your mask has a removable filter it will be held in place by two ties and a tab.  Each tie simply threads through two holes on either side of the mask where it would be closest to your ear, there is a tab on the body of the mask just under your chin that the filter sits under to keep it from moving backwards.  The masks are always shipped with the filter correctly mounted, so take time to look how it goes together.


All versions of our masks have a wire that sits over the nose and can be adjusted into a bell shape that conforms to your nose. Basically, bend to a centred “V” shape then approximately halfway down each arm flex it out to conform to your cheeks.  If you wear glasses, you will need a good fit to stop you misting up!


The tie loops go around the ears and the loop size can be altered by pulling on the end of the ties whilst holding the corresponding side of the mask in place. Simple. The ties should hold firmly without continually pulling like elastic straps do.

There are three ways of wearing your mask. See the adjacent images. Over your ears - Good. Using the additional strap around the base of your skull - Better. Using the additional strap over the crown - Best.

fitting you maskfitting you maskfitting you mask


These types of barrier masks should be worn for a maximum of 4 hours before washing. If you have our “Sport” version with an integral filter, you will need to change the whole mask for another clean one; if you have our interchangeable types you should change the filter for a clean one.  


Washing and Cleaning Your Mask

When changing your mask, removing it or swapping the filter you should take the same precautions of washing your hands with hot soapy water after touching it that you do with any other object.

Sport Masks

There is no filter to change, it is an all in one unibody construction and can be washed on a standard wash cycle at 40 degrees.

Synthetic Masks

These can be washed but should not be spun dry or shrinkage will occur. A standard 30 or 40 degree wash cycle is recommended with no spin.

Leather Masks

Leather is not washing machine friendly and should not be washed in this way. Instead wipe them over with an antimicrobial cleaner such as Dettol surface cleaner (antimicrobial kills viruses where as antibacterial only kills bacteria). To keep the mask supple after cleaning occasionally apply  a LITTLE olive oil or any vegetable oil, on the grain side of the leather.  If you get carried away wipe any excess off with a tissue.

We hope you enjoy wearing your WOW Mask and stay safe!