Fast Fashion Sports Masks

Our handcrafted leather masks are a great, fashionable alternative to surgical face masks, dust masks or respirators. And they're a sensible and safe option too, as all of our barrier masks are all made to conform to AFNOR S76-001 level of filtering to complement protective measures and social distancing rules.

However, the leather material is probably a bit too heavy to wear during long periods of intense activity or exercise, and given the nation is taking its daily exercise very seriously, we developed a 'Sports Mask' to compliment our range of fashionable leather facemasks.

Our sports mask is made from a lightweight, breathable and cooling technical fabric with a bi-layered cotton filter and spacer fabric.

They are extremely comfortable to wear, snug fitting and a great option for wearing during exercise or activity.

The mask is fitted using our unique WOW adjustable soft friction tie system which unlike elastic does not give an irritating, constant pull on the ear so it will not leave you with sore, sensitive ears. They are incredibly light but hold their shape much better than flat fabric masks which tend to cling to the mouth after a while.

Our sports mask features an integrated filter and the whole mask can be machine washed. Ideally, you should buy two or three so you've got a spare to hand whilst washing and drying the others.

See our range of sports masks in a range of colours here...