From Saddles to Face Coverings

WOW Saddles is an innovative saddle maker hidden away in the Kent countryside, surrounded by fields, woods and animals. Born from a vision to redefine saddle design, WOW Saddles has always led the way with new ideas and ways to evolve existing designs.

A face covering business was not originally included in the road map for the future. Like many companies, we have been faced with some tough decisions over the last six weeks. With such a skilled team and our entire manufacturing and production in Kent we wanted to lend a hand during the current situation and keep everybody working.

Saddle stitching to mask sewing is not the most obvious leap but we have all the skills in-house, here in the UK, together with all the equipment, sewing machines, material and highly skilled staff.

Thus the WOW mask brand has been developed in quick-smart time. Progressing from prototyping and test runs on our cutting machines through timing of production cycles and testing technical solutions to get up and running in less than a week. We don’t have to wait for a shipment from the far east - we are here and helping today.

From the start, we have planned to sew each mask in-house, we may not be able to make quite the same margin as using machinists on the other side of the world but that just feels wrong for a UK manufacturing company. Handmade in the UK by people who care and who are paid and treated properly means a lot to us.

There has never been any doubt, handmade should not mean prohibitively expensive, hence WOW Masks and face coverings start at £10.50 including shipping. Washable, reusable, comfortable and stylish they represent great value. They are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable than disposable masks.

This is only part of the story. WOW is a brand that likes to do things differently with very unique skills and knowledge to re-imagine the concept of a face covering. To fight back with fashion against the situation we find ourselves in. Taking the very same premium leathers used in hard wearing saddles, the WOW Masks leather range are a chance to stand out and embrace something that has been forced upon us. We may have to cover our faces, but that doesn't mean you have to hide your identity.

Our leather collection of masks are totally unique, hand stitched and precision cut by master saddlers. Saddles are works of art in leather, and our face coverings are the same, made by people who really care about quality and longevity delivered with a cheeky stand-out style.

From saddle makers to mask making and beyond we will continue to cut, sew and and make in the UK by hand and with passion.