The First Fashionable Face Masks

WOW Masks is a small, family-run business based in the Kent countryside, just outside Canterbury. Our core business is saddle-making, producing innovative and bespoke saddles using beautiful leathers and materials.

Average was not an option

During the coronavirus & covod-19 pandemic, a need became apparent for personal protective equipment, and in particular, face masks, that we could readily produce using our existing manufacturing equipment. And with saddle sales temporarily on-hold and a sudden demand for face masks, we saw an opportunity to pivot; keeping our team of highly-trained craftsmen employed whilst fulfilling a market need. Our innovative and fashionable face mask with washable filters was born.

As with WOW Saddles, 'average' was not an option, so we applied our typically innovative design skills to create a truly unique face mask, crafted from many of the same natural leathers we use in saddlery.

Our Barrier masks are all made to conform to AFNOR S76-001 level of filtering to complement protective measures and social distancing rules.

We've developed two main types of mask:

  • A leather or synthetic mask with interchangeable, washable and reusable bi-layered cotton and spacer fabric barrier filter which is cleverly held in place by two friction ties. This makes changing the filter very quick and easy.
  • An integrated 'sports' mask using breathable and cooling, technical fabrics combined with an integrated, bi-layered cotton filter and spacer fabric in various colours

All of our masks feature our unique WOW adjustable soft friction tie system which holds the mask snugly in place without constant pressure and friction on sensitive ears.

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